Timetable Scheduling app Sceduly

The web scheduling software for Schools and Universities.

Timetable Scheduling app Sceduly


No installation

No download, no installation, no hassle. Sceduly is available from any computer or mobile device for hassle free web scheduling and administration.

Simple Overview

Administrator control panel provides clear and simple week overview with all the lectures and classrooms availability.

Print and PDF

The schedules can be printed or saved as PDF separately for each classroom or study program. There is also an option for printing all of the lectures or individually selected classes.

Schedule Conflicts

Conflict analysis and warning during schedule entry. You can manually allow schedule overlaps for each individual lecture.

Recurring Schedules

You only need to select semesters start and end date, recurring interval and the algorithm will take care of everything else for you.

Multiple locations

You can create separate or combined timetables for each of your subsidiaries.

TV Broadcast

Display the current lecture order on the TV screen in your atrium or waiting areas. The scheduling software also supports automated sending of announcements and notices to the TV timetable.

Responsive design

Generated school and university timetables are compatible with any type and resolution of user devices.

Machine Learning

Timetable software utilize AI and machine learning algorithms in creating optimal holes-free schedules, minimizing costs. Feature coming soon.


Small institutions

Schools and Universities with up to 50 teachers.
All #features included
Up to 50 teachers
Multiple computers licence
30-day free trial period

Large institutions

Schools and Universities with 50+ teachers.
All #features included
More than 50 teachers
Multiple computers licence
30-day free trial period