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To adjust settings for your institution hover over the ACP icon in the top left corner of the screen and click Settings: ACP settings

Settings you can change:

1. Institution: official name of your institution. If you require students to login using national credentials, this field should contain the same name as in your national database of universities.

2. Admin e-mail: used to login to the system.

3. New password: if you fill out this field, that will be your new password and you will need to login again.

4. Authentication: recommended value - "without student authentication". There might be other authentification methods available, depending on your country.

5. First lecture: select the time when lectures are starting in your institution. Selecting smaller range will make timetable more convenient for administrator and students.
Note: if you add a lecture outside of this selected range it will not be visible in the timetable!

6. Last lecture: same as 5.

7. Semester start: this option only affects administrators view. This range will be automatically populated for convenience when adding new lecture.

8. Semester end: same as 7.