User Manual

Add lecture to timetable

Add new lecture: from administration overview using "Subjects" menu select the subject you want to add to the timetable, then click the calendar icon and fill out the form: ACP add lecture to timetable Form fields:
1. Start: select starting date of your lecture. This date is the first time lecture will appear in the students timetable.
2. End: usually the end of semester.
3. Recurring: repetition interval of the lecture. Repetition will occur in relation to selected Start date (1).
4. From other fields, required are: lecture Start time, End time and Location.
5. Group: optional.
6. Notice: optional. About that particular lecture, examples "guest lecturer, specific address or location, etc.".

After adding the lecture to the timetable, it will be displayed in the administration overview (if correct week is selected): ACP added lecture overview